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Get Well Now Entertainment

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Driven by a team of visionary creators, talented writers, skilled directors, and talented artists, Get Well Now Entertainment takes pride in its commitment to pushing the boundaries of talent and art. The studio combines state-of-the-art technology, advanced visual effects, and immersive sound design to create breathtaking cinematic, production & musical experiences that transport audiences into captivating worlds.

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Our Story

 GWN Entertainment's unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding entertainment experiences has earned it a reputation as a trailblazer in the industry. With a rich tapestry of talent, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for pushing creative boundaries, GWN Entertainment continues to shine brightly as it paves the way for the future of entertainment.

Meet The Team

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James W. Jackson is a highly respected figure in the religious and civic communities of Indianapolis. As the Lead Pastor of Fervent Prayer Church, he has dedicated his life to spreading the message of healing, deliverance, and the power of prayer and faith. Pastor Jackson's ministry began with humble beginnings, starting with just 10 members in a school building on the west side of Indianapolis. However, through his unwavering commitment and inspiring leadership, the church has grown to touch the lives of countless individuals in Indianapolis and beyond.

One of Pastor Jackson's primary objectives is to promote healing and deliverance, not only within his congregation but also throughout the world. To achieve this, he has assembled a remarkable pastoral leadership team that works alongside him, enhancing his ability to impact the city of Indianapolis positively. Through his dedication and vision, he has become a true blessing to the community.

Beyond his pastoral duties, Pastor Jackson has actively engaged in various civic and community initiatives. In 2010, he made history as the first pastor in the city of Indianapolis to be appointed to the police merit board by Mayor Greg Ballard. This appointment showcases his commitment to fostering positive relationships between the community and law enforcement.

Furthermore, Pastor Jackson serves as the director of the Far East Side Action Coalition, an organization dedicated to addressing the needs and concerns of the community. He has also been a member of the board for the Community Alliance of the Far East Side (CAFE), further demonstrating his commitment to community development and collaboration.

Pastor Jackson's impact extends to education and childcare as well. He proudly serves as the President of Fervent Care Childcare and Christian Academy, providing a nurturing and faith-based environment for young learners.

Recognizing his significant contributions, Pastor Jackson was awarded the Mayor's Community Service Award in 2014, acknowledging his outstanding dedication to serving the community. Additionally, the Governor of Indiana honored him with the prestigious Trailblazer award, recognizing his trailblazing efforts in making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Pastor James W. Jackson stands as a true example of a compassionate and influential spiritual leader. His unwavering faith, commitment to prayer, and dedication to community service have made him a beloved figure in Indianapolis and an inspiration to people from all walks of life.


Almita Dilosa, who has been going by her nickname Cookie since she was little, is from Gary, IN, where she was born and raised. She is the wife of Tony Dilosa. They have been married for 17yrs, they have 7 children from the ages of 29-11,6 girls and 1 boy, she also has one grandson that she cherishes so much. 


She has been singing since the age of 8 when someone spoke over her life and said she would go into nations singing for the Glory of God where God will use her singing to change atmospheres, bring healing and save souls. 

She has been leading Choirs, Praise and Worship now since 1999. She has been a faithful servant at Fervent Prayer Church where she serves under Lead Pastor James W Jackson, she was the 1st Chief of Staff and now has developed into her new role as the1st Executive Pastor. 


 Nichelle Smith is a purpose driven, kingdom principled, success oriented, woman of wisdom and influence. Nichelle started her passion serving others as a hairstylist in 1991, were she went on to own her own salon in 1996 serving other stylist, nail techs and massage therapist. After marrying her best friend in 1997 and having 2 children, Nichelle discovered her love for event planning. Nichelle expanded her service to the real estate field in 2005 earning her R.E license and attaining her training at the Greenfield F.C. Tucker In 2010 she opened Dominion Real Estate Professionals serving the Indianapolis, Fishers & Avon area with 4 R.E. agents under her training and leadership. Dominion Real Estate Pros continues to serve theses areas to this very day. In 2017 she added Feminine & Relationship Coach to resume. Nichelle has been a long time member of The Fervent Prayer Church were she served as Member Service Director & Executive Administrator She now serves as Chief of Staff at Fervent Prayer Church. Her latest endeavor is The Boss Business Consulting were she assists business owners with taking their businesses to new levels. Nichelle's measure of success is adding value to the lives of others.

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